Over Ishtara Araminta

“It’s my mission to awaken Divine Love in all hearts.”

This Is Ishtara Araminta Online

The Divine Romance Experience

This online academy is a modern spiritual training academy for personal and professional development and growth. A place where you can dive deeper into the truth of who you are, why you chose this life and its path of life lessons, and what you need to rise to a higher version of yourself.

I am Ishtara Araminta

Speaker for Divine Romance

As a levelheaded Capricorn, I was born with expanded consciousness and a variety of psychic abilities. Seeing other realities, for example, is very common for me. However, as a child, I only suffered from it.

I was also disturbed by the phenomenon of ‘injustice.’ It stirred something in me. And I soon came up with the idea of going to law school to help othersan idea I followed. But I soon learned that ‘doing and feeling morally justified’ is an internal process.

As a person, how do you deal with success, failure, or suffering? That question led me to switch to psychology. After graduating, I started working in this field. And as so often, this field also released a lot within me.

And so, I came across the life philosophy of Kriya Yoga, and I was initiated into it in 2017. Our Western interpretation of yoga―becoming more aware of your body and improving your posture―is only a minor part of Kriya Yoga science. Central to Kriya Yoga is the path to Self-realization. This path strengthens the bond with your Higher Self and The Divine. You develop your body, mind, and soul in unison, and you experience the power of the Divine within yourself, others, and all creation.

Regular practice of the Kriya Yoga techniques leads to mastery over your moods and actions, bringing inner peace and balance to your life.

The Capricorn in me is also averse to bullshit consciousness and wishful thinking. I like substantiation and things to be concrete. It’s precisely the combination of my spiritual and psychic gifts, knowledge of psychology, and Kriya Yoga science which has proven to be a successful formula for me in supporting my students. In this, I also found my soul mission: ‘To Awaken Your Love in All Hearts.’ This mission fuels my inner fire to be a source of strength for my students on their path in an always loving but also concrete, open and sometimes confrontational way.

A path guaranteed to teach you to (re)gain control over all aspects of your life, both private and business. The condition is that you are prepared to demonstrate dedication, discipline, and perseverance. You can, of course, also expect that from me in my support.

From a psychological and spiritual perspective, I take my students by the hand in a substantiated and scientific way. And I show them how they can stop chasing after love, recognition, success, and happiness outside themselves and thus get the most out of themselves. Central to this path is your relationship with your own Higher Self. The more intimate that bond is, the more you reconnect with The Divine, and with it your soul mission.